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About Zizmos

With initial funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Zizmos is building a cost-effective cloud-connected seismic network that provides earthquake early-warning and high-resolution shake maps for urban areas. The Zizmos network complements existing scientific solutions through the addition of low-cost mobile and wireless sensors designed for mass adoption. The company and its board include engineers and scientists, including deep hands-on expertise in crowd-sourced seismic networks based on the Quake Catcher Network (QCN) deployment at Stanford University.

Our Vision

Zizmos addresses the lack of a cost-effective earthquake early warning systems in the US and international regions subject to catastrophic seismic events. Using a hybrid approach of mobile and wireless sensors, Zizmos technology helps to reduce casualties and provide structural engineers, utilities, transportation officials, and property owners with unprecedented granular information about the shake hazards in their immediate regions in near real-time.